Taylor talking about “Welcome to New York” [x]


Monday Midnight.

NEW SONG ALERT! ‪#‎WelcomeToNewYork‬ will be available TONIGHT to everyone who has pre-ordered 1989 on iTunes! Watch the announcement on Good Morning Americahttp://smarturl.it/AboutWTNY



If you can see that im the only one you havent noticed. I’ve been here all this time since day one. So why can’t you see that you should follow me? Standing by waiting around so you can finally see that you should follow me :) 

A ‘quickie’ with Taylor Swift

Let ‘em talk cause we’re dancing in this world alone



iTunes doesn’t have Welcome To New York up in Russia, the UK, or France like people were saying. It was obviously iTunes fault and they screwed up and took it down. Don’t listen or reblog until it comes out officially tonight at 11 PM EST. 

iTunes UK does have it up, actually. If you haven’t pre-ordered you have to cancel the pre-order and then it’s there. It comes up as track 1, but it’s available to buy. 


Track 11

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