I should’ve known

gtkm meme: favourite taylor swift songs
→ white horse (2008)

I was enchanted to meet you

Cause for a moment a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule the world.


Josh is too cute xD haha

Judith I honestly wouldn't know what to do without you. You're always there for me and I couldn't imagine having better person to help me. Thanks for being you.

This is one of the nicest things someone ever told me. Thank you so much. And of course i’ll always be here to help you. You can always message me, no matter what. I love you loads and i’m really happy to know that i was able to be there for you. <3

We all love you Judith, you're fucking awesome!

Wow! Thank you so much! You are really sweet! :’) thank you. For being you and saying such nice things! Ilysm

I love you soooo much you have no idea

Aw! I love you so much too! Thabk you for sending me this! It just made my night!

Taylor Swift out & about in April 16, 2014

“Now that’s a star. I think she’s amazing. Amazing.”

Joan Rivers on Taylor Swift’s ACM look, Fashion Police (via knowyoubetter)

you are so artistic it makes me so jealous, and you seem like a really sweet girl :)

omg! thank youu! this means so much to me you have no idea!! and aw really, don’t be jealous I’m sure you can make awesome things! :)

Judging by my Tumblr, post in my ask what you think I’m like in real life :)